MODZLAB — Be Unbeatable!

Revolution in the gaming industry! The latest super fast Rapid Fire Chip with 14 exclusive extra modes! has the newest modded controllers with a next generation mega-chip called ML ULTRA CHIP
MODZLAB ULTRA RAPID FIRE CHIP is all you need for ultimate play. This is the best on the gaming market chip with incredible abilities. Some of them are:

 ML ULTRA CHIP based on the undetectable technology:
- 10 mode adjustable Rapid Fire chip (Pre-Installed)
- 14 exclusive mods for Microsoft XBOX 360
- 56 sub(software) mod configurations for XBOX 360 
- 11 exclusive mods for Sony Playstation 3
- 38 sub (software) mod configurations for PS 3
- Custom Programmable Mods
- Easy to switch between mods
- Simplicity setup of software mods (sub mods)
- 8 Times More Chip Memory, 64 KB Memory 
- The most powerful chip on the market
  16 MHz  Processing Power(XBOX 360) 
   4 MHz  Processing Power(PS 3)    
- XBOX LIVE ready


Also, every gamer has the opportunity to quickly and easily adjust the speed for any type of weapon. Gamers with controllers offered by our competitors look like medieval warriors with swords and spears. Gamer armed with our modded controller  are more like Special Forces soldiers, equipped with the most modern and sophisticated weapons on the planet.

                     You are a SOLDIER OF FUTURE 
                               with our controllers, 
      without them you merely MEDIEVAL  WARRIOR!


Modzlab offers different price range lines of modded Xbox 360 controllers, including
standart Xbox 360 modded controllers and

exclusive Xbox 360 modded controllers



.Xbox 360 modded controllers



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Xbox 360 & Sony PS3 upgraded controllers uses only the latest authentic Xbox and Sony controllers. Your gaming performance will improve dramatically  with the help of our modded controllers.

     MODZLAB ULTRA RAPID FIRE MOD CHIP IS THE MOST PROGRESSIVE mod chip out there that has fully adjustable 10 Modes. Besides that, you can choose from 14 Exclusive Modes and install them all together or separately on your modded controller. Our Hydro Dipped controller is a completely authentic wireless XBOX 360 controller. You will receive your brand new modded controller with a Rapid Fire Mod Chip inside of it. All 10 modes are already preset to the most popular games including Call of Duty game series: World at War, Modern Warfare 1, 2 and 3, Black Ops; Black Ops 2; Gears of War game series; Battlefield 2, 3; Halo Reach series; Grand Theft Auto series and many others. Designed for “shooters” our Rapid Fire will show an excellent performance at all first-person-shooter games out there. Besides default speed settings, you have an option of customizing shots per second for all modes in a Programming Mode. Due to a high-tech digital-to-analog converter, all our Rapid Fire modes is absolutely unique and undetectable online.


Button - 9mm bullet in modded controller